I'm a 20 something college student, so obviously I know everything about being a hipster. Do you want to be a hipster? Follow me, and I will give you daily hipster tips. so you can finally fit in with your hipster friends. Remember hipsters are better than you, and they know it.
Even if you already are a hipster, follow me anyways, and I promise you, you will become an even better hipster. However, a true hipster would never admit to being a hipster, nor is it possible for anybody to want to be a hipster. Yes, the whole idea of hipster-dom is confusing. I do my best to explain it.

26th November 2011

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Hipster Tip #48

Gauges.  Hipsters love ear gauges.  So if you want to fit in, you better start stretching your ear lobe.  The bigger the better.  Like seriously, if you want to be a hipster, someone entire body should be able to fit through your ear lobe. 

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